Social Science


Research Council Approved Projects

Project TitleYearsProject CodeP.I.RCMNoStatus
Entrepreneurship perception and career intensions of Fisheries Graduates of SKUAST-K0.08RCM-55/FoFy/SS/01Dr Rizwana Malik55thOngoing
An Economic Analysis of Cold-Water Fish Marketing in District Srinagar of Jammu and Kashmir3RCM-56/FoFy/SS/01Dr. Nasir Husain56thOngoing
Economic efficiency in fish culture under private domain in Kashmir Valley2RCM-56/FoFy/SS/02Dr. S. H. Baba56thOngoing
Impact of Public Development Expenditure on Growth of Fisheries Sector in Jammu & Kashmir2RCM-57/FoFy/SS/01Dr. S. H. Baba57thOngoing
Marketed Surplus & price spread of fish in Kashmir Valley2RCM-58/FoFy/SS/01Dr. S. H. Baba58thOngoing
Fisheries extension services in Kashmir Valley0.08RCM-58/FoFy/SS/02Dr. B.A. Zargar58thOngoing
Use of ICT in research at SKUAST-Kashmir3RCM-52/FoFy/SS/5Dr. Mudasir M Kirmani52nd RCMCompleted
Usage of Information and Communication Technology tools in SKUAST-K post COVID-19 pandemic3FSS:59:2:3Dr. Mudasir M Kirmani59th RCMOngoing