Veterinary Physiology

Research Council Approved Projects

Project TitleYearsProject CodeP.I.RCMNoStatus
Supplementation of Quercetin rich locally available foods in transition period to overcome transition stress in cattle2-Dr Ovais Aarif56thCompleted
Isolation, Culture and Characterization of mesenchymal stem Cells (MSCs) derived from abattoir sheep foetuses2-Dr Fozia Shah58thCompleted
Effect of Dandlion supplementation during puerperium period on reproductive performance and milk yield in crossbred cattle2-Dr Dilruba Hasin58thongoing
Efficiency of thermography in early detection of mastitis in dairy cows2-Dr Z A Pampori60thongoing
Predisposition of different physiological states and seasons on Electrocardiographic pattern in sheep of temperate climate2-Dr Ovais Aarif61thongoing
Comparative assessment of erythrocyte osmotic fragility around parturition and different seasons in different sheep breeds2-Dr Fozia Shah61thongoing