Veterinary Parasitology


Research Council Approved Projects

Project TitleYearsProject CodeP.I.RCMNoStatus
Evaluation of commonly used insecticides and acaricides against ectoparasites of livestock.5Not AllotedDr. R. A. ShahardarNot Allotedunder progress
Evaluation of commonly used anthelmintics against GI helminths of ruminants in Kashmir valley5Not AllotedDr. I. M. AllaieNot Allotedunder progress
Pasture larval burden of grazing land of livestock in Kashmir valley3.67Not AllotedDr. K. H. BulbulNot Allotedunder progress
Screening of snails for establishing the IMH status for Paramphistome trematode3.67Not AllotedDr. Z. A. WaniNot Allotedunder progress
Epidemiology of bovine coccidiosis in Kashmir valley and its associated risk factors2Not AllotedDr. K. H. BulbulNot AllotedWork in progress