Livestock Production and Management


Research Council Approved Projects

Project TitleYearsProject CodeP.I.RCMNoStatus
Use of Mushroom Waste as growth promoter in broiler chicken2LPMProf. M.T. Banday-Completed
Comparative efficiency of different sources of vegetable oils on the performance of broiler chicken2LPMDr. M.T. Banday-Ongoing
Effect of stocking density on the performance of Vanaraja birds2LPMProf. I.U. Sheikh-Ongoing
Fermentation of Poultry Slaughter Waste and its utilization in Poultry Feed2LPMDr. I.A. Baba-Ongoing
Study of Economics of 3 cow dairying unit of Division of LPM1LPMDr. R.A. Pattoo60Ongoing
Study of birth-weight, mortality and calving patterns in purebred & crossbred calves across different seasons in the agroclimatic conditions of Kashmir2LPMDr. H. Hamadani60Ongoing
Evaluation of water quality used by livestock farmers of District Ganderbal3LPMProf. M.T. Banday-Completed
Effect of re-used litter material on the performance of Vanaraja birds1LPM-8Dr. I.U. Sheikh62Ongoing
Effect of position of chicken eggs during incubation on hatchability1LPM-9Dr. A. A. Khan62Ongoing
Influence of supplementation with fruit extract (Apricot) on performance of broiler chicken1LPM-10Dr. M. T. Banday62Ongoing
Constraints perceived by the small-scale dairy farmers in Baramulla district of Kashmir3LPM-11Dr. H. Hamadani62Ongoing
Study on animal waste management practices of local farmers in Ganderbal and Srinagar district1LPM-12Dr. I.A. Baba62Ongoing