Livestock Products Technology

Research Council Approved Projects

Project TitleYearsProject CodeP.I.RCMNoStatus
Preservation of chicken eggs in J&K State during different seasons2LPT2Prof. Altaf Hussain MalikRCM2Completed
Physico-chemical analysis of Tosh Fiber1LPT 1Prof. Sarfaraz A WaniRCM 1Completed
Incorporation of water chestnut as binder in comminuted meat products3LPT 3Prof. Mir salahuddinRCM 3Completed
Development of indigenous milk products utilizing Goat and Ewe milk3LPT 4Prof. Mohammad Ashraf PalRCM 4Completed
Quality evaluation of milk and milk products in Kashmir3LPT 5Prof. Mohammad Ashraf PalRCM 5Completed
Standardization and quality evaluation of Harrisa3LPT 6Prof. Altaf Hussain MalikRCM 6Completed
Evaluation of carcass and meat characteristics of broiler/culled rabbit for popularization of non-conventional sources of meat3LPT 7Prof. Altaf Hussain MalikRCM 7Completed
Shelf Life of mutton preserved by pickling and storage at room temperature under temperate climatic conditions3LPT 8Prof. Altaf Hussain MalikRCM 8Completed
Processing performance of different grades/types of wool available in Kashmir valley3LPT 8Prof. Sarfaraz A WaniRCM 8Completed
Optimization of processing parameters for development of milk based novel food products3LPT 9Prof. Mohammad Ashraf PalRCM 9Completed
Utilization of some edible plant ingredients for the development of functional livestock food products5LPT 10Dr. Sheikh rafeh AhmadRCM 10concluded
Studies on feasibility of the production of worsted grade wool through alteration in shearing frequency3LPT 12Dr. Asif H SofiRCM 12concluded
Standardisation of Technique for Pashmina identification by PCR Based method2LPT 13Dr. Asif H sofiRCM 13Ongoing
Development of whey beverages fortified with plant based natural ingredients3LPT-63.1.3Asif H Sofi63Ongoing
Improving the functionality of chicken meat by utilizing different plant ingredients2LPT 63.2.2Sheikh Rafeh Ahmad63Ongoing