Animal Biotechnology

Research Council Approved Projects

Project TitleYearsProject CodeP.I.RCMNoStatus
Study on Disease resistance in poultry against Salmonellosis.2ABT53 (1)Dr. S Mudasir Andrabi53Completed
Genetic engineering for construction of the recombinant lactic acid bacteria against Salmonellosis in chicken---A novel approach towards vaccine development.2ABT54(5)Dr. S Mudasir Andrabi53Ongoing
In-vitro study of tissue fibrosis via Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) in Mastitic animals2ABT62-(3)Dr. S Mudasir Andrabi62Ongoing
Use of portable paper microscope in follicle study and animal diagnostics2ABT58/HFB/04Dr. Hina F Bhat58Completed
Synthesis of silver nanoparticles and their antibacterial activity against Salmonellosis.2ABT53(3)Dr. S Mudasir Andrabi54Completed
Expression analysis and Role of Ladinin 1 protein in breast cancer progression.3ABT58/HFB/03Dr. Hina F Bhat58Completed
In vitro culture and induced differentiation of muscle stem cells (MuSC’s) from different animal sources3ABT 63(03)Dr. Hina F Bhat63Ongoing
Conversion of keratin rich animal waste into composite protein films for prospective bio-medical applications (Value addition)2ABT/57/HFB/04Dr. Hina F Bhat57Completed
Expression profiling of Bone morphogenetic protein 2 (BMP2) during different Pashmina hair follicle cycling stages (ABT/57/HFB/06) 2 Years2ABT/57/HFB/05Dr. Hina F Bhat57Completed
Molecular characterization of indeginous fishes of Kashmir by DNA based studies2AU/FoFy/RCM/FNB/2010-5Dr. S Mudasir Andrabi46Completed