Animal Reproduction, Gynaecology and Obstetrics


Research Council Approved Projects

Project TitleYearsProject CodeP.I.RCMNoStatus
Bacterial flora of uterine secretions in Repeat breeding Cattle and their antibiotic sensitivity pattern2ARGO.37.2.1• Prof. M.Z. Khan37completed
Incidence and therapeutic management of true anoestrus in cattle.2ARGO.37.2.1Dr. H. K. Bhattacharyya37completed
Histomorphological alterations in the cervix of pregnant and non-pregnant small ruminants.2ARGO.38.2.1• Dr. P. Goswami38completed
Studies on tubal patency in Small ruminants2ARGO.38.2.1Dr. Rafiqul Islam •38completed
Foeto-maternal interaction in small ruminants2ARGO.38.2.3Prof. G.M. Wani5completed
Use of Preg-alert for pregnancy diagnosis in cow and ewe3ARGO.40.2.1Dr. Rafiqul Islam •40completed
Collection of ram semen with Bailey ejaculator for quality evaluation during breeding and non-breeding season2ARGO.43.2.1Dr. Rafiqul Islam43completed
Comparison of three estrous synchronization protocols with respect to estrous response rate and fertility in temperate sheep2ARGO.46.2.1Dr. Farooz Ahmad lone46completed
Effect of various therapeutic regimens on conception rate in repeat breeding cows under temperate climatic conditions of Kashmir.0.08ARGO.52.1.1Dr. Khursheed A. Sofi52completed
Efficacy of different therapeutic regimens in the management of Subclinical endometritis in repeat breeding dairy cows.3ARGO.58.1.2Dr. Asloob Ahmad Malik58ongoing