Animal Genetics & Breeding

Research Council Approved Projects

Project TitleYearsProject CodeP.I.RCMNoStatus
Genotyping for Fec B gene in sheep at MRCSG Shuhama SKUAST- Kashmir101Dr Mir Shabir, Dr Tavsief,RCM 61ongoimg
Cytogenetic screening of small Ruminants at MRCSG Shuhama SKUAST- Kashmir102Dr Tavsief, Dr N. A. Ganai, Dr Mir ShabirRCM 61ongoimg
Socio-economic status and production performance of sheep farmers flock in district Budgam203Prof. Safeer Alam, Dr. Syed Shanaz, Dr. Tavsief SheikhRCM 61ongoimg
Exploring the demographic and morphometric variations of Kashmir Merino in three districts of Kashmir204Dr. Syed Shanaz, Dr. Safeer Alam. Dr. Showket MaqboolRCM 61ongoimg
Genetic diversity of growth traits in sheep breeds available at MRCGS, Shuhama using multivariate analysis for improved breeding programme.205Dr. Showket Maqbool, Dr. Safeer Alam, Dr. Muzamil. Dr. Tavsief Sheikh, Dr. Abdul Qayoom.RCM 61ongoimg
Relative activism towards online teaching among different faculties of SKUAST-K and its effectiveness on learning endeavor from teachers and learner’s perspectives.206Dr. T. A. Raja, Dr. Safeer Alam, Dr. Azmat Alam, Dr Showket MaqboolRCM 61ongoimg
Exploration of unexplored goat population of district Budgam-locally known as “Koshur Goat”207Dr. Ruksana Shah, Dr. Safeer Alam, Dr. Syed Shanaz, Dr. Mubashir RatherRCM 61ongoimg
Development of an online tool for management of sheep and goat research data for real time decision making11Dr N.A. Ganai1concluded
Genetic evaluation of Corriedale sheep using Animal Models12Dr Syed Shanaz, Dr Tavsief2concluded
High Throughput genotyping for identification of Prolific sheep13Dr Syed Shanaz3concluded
Performance Evaluation of Pashmina goats under temperate climatic conditions of Kashmir0.084Dr Syed Shanaz, Dr R. A. Shah, Dr T. A. Raja and Dr Tavsief4concluded
Performance Evaluation of different genetic groups of Jersey Cattle and its Crosses at MLRI Manasbal15Dr Tavsief, Dr Syed Shanaz, Dr N.A. Ganai and Dr J. D. Parrah5concluded
Digitalization of Sheep research data base of NRCSG from 1970- 201716Dr Syed Shanaz, Dr H. M . Khan, Dr T. A. Raja and Dr N. A. Ganai6concluded
Statistical Teaching Aids for undergraduate students in R and Minitab software17DR T. A. Raja, Dr S. Maqbool and Dr Syed Shanaz7concluded