Post Harvest Technology


Research Council Approved Projects

Project TitleYearsProject CodeP.I.RCMNoStatus
Study on quality changes in fish pickle during storage2-Dr. Tariq Hussain Bhat57thConcluded
Quality analysis of fish available in Kashmir valley.2RCM…./Fo…./Div…/1Dr. Tariq Hussain--Concluded
Quality evaluation of fish products of Kashmir.2--Dr. Tariq Hussain--Ongoing
Effect of turmeric curcuma longa on growth and survival on fingerlings of Cyprinus carpio var communis.2--Dr. Faisal--Concluded
Antioxidant and antimicrobial screening of Aconitum heterophyll and Prillium govanianum and their application for preservation of Common carp (Cyprinus carpio)2--Dr. Faisal--Ongoing
Standardization of recipe and quality enhancement of fish cutlet2--Dr. Tariq Hussain--Ongoing
Development of Instant Fish Soup Powder using Pangasius fish2--Dr. Faisal-Ongoing
Effect of a lemon juice on the quality of rainbow trout fillet during chilled storage2--Dr. Tariq Hussain--Ongoing