"1. A Leading University in Mountain Agriculture"      
Future Strategy

Future programmes of Directorate for 2013-14:-


     a. Pre-Extension Education Council Meeting (one).

     b.    Extension Education Council Meeting (one)

     c. ZREAC Meetings (two).

     d. Entrepreneurship meetings with financial institutions (two).

      a. Trainings under Directorate of Extension Education (40 nos. )
      b. Trainings under SAMETI (15 nos.) 
      c. Basic Horticulture Training Course (one year duration)
      d.  Basic Agriculture Training Course (one year duration)
      a. Shalimar Campus (12)
      b. RRS & FoA, Wadura (12)
      c. RARS Khudwani  (12)
D. FARM ADVISORY SERVICE (Based on request of line departments & farmers) 
      a. Disease Diagnostic Team Visits
      b. Animal/ Plant Clinical Camps

      c. Demonstrations/  Kisan Goshties /  Conference / Awareness program /  Interaction       

          meetings / Extension Week etc.

E.  INFORMATION AND PUBLICATION (As per request of Door Darshan/ Radio Kashmir)   
     a. Radio Talks 
     b. T. V. Talks
     c. Print Media Messages
    d. Publications
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