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Academic Programme

The Library System in addition to its routine work conducts a few instructional programmes in order to instill confidence among the scientists and students of the University to capitalize the wealth of information available within the Library System and in modern virtual libraries. In this regard one regular academic course is offered every semester and a few training programmes are conducted at regular intervals of time.



The course "Library Science and Technical Writing" Lib 601, previously offered as (1+0) has now been changed to (0+1). This  is offered as a compulsory course to PG students of  all streams/ disciplines in both Summer and Autumn semesters. On an average 50-60 students are allowed to register the Course in every academic year and educated about the efficient utilisation of the Library and Online Information Resources. Moreover, an orientation course of one-week duration is conducted every six months to impart necessary skill to teachers in efficient utilization of modern information sources, related application softwares and information technology gadgets. Highlights of the instructional activities during an academic year are exemplified in table 4:

Academic ActivityNumber 
 Students who successfully cleared the course Lib 601 in Spring and Autumn semesters of year 2008 61
 Students enrolled for the course Lib 601 in Spring 2009 43
 Students whose comprehensive examination for Lib 601 was conducted during year 2008 38
 Theses, which were checked to evaluate their format and tally the content of hard and their soft copies. 35

Table 4.   Academics related activities of  SKUAST-K Library System during year 2008-09. 
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