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Article Alert Database 



The journals subscribed by the Library are indexed on a database developed indigenously with MS Access as back-end and Visual Basic as front-end. This database is having a user friendly interface for data entry and browsing with multiple searching facilities through simple and advanced search options. Article Alert Database is proving to be a popular database for searching the research articles available in print collection of journals available in SKUAST-K Library System. About 90,000 records have been indexed in the database.

2Library Automation and WebOPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)


The SKUAST K Library System has transgressed from maintaining registers for record keeping to near complete automation wherein all the behind the scene library operations are done with the aid of Library Automation Software Soul 2.0.An important module of this software is the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) of the books and theses with which the users get the bibliographic details of the documents available in the library.In addition to this the users can check the status of the document as well as their own member status.Furthurmore this Webopac has been kept on the University website as a command button on its front page and it is being updated on regular basis.


 3Institutional Repository















The library system has developed an institutional repository on an open source digital library software DSpace. Room has been created for posting information sources under three categories i.e. Theses, Research Paper, Seminar & Symposia Proceedings and Open Sources.  Full text of 570 Theses (Masters’/Doctors’) have been deposited into the repository; 2100 under Research Papers, 55 Seminar & Symposia Proceedings and a good number of Open Sources of information have also been placed for use of registered Library Members. The repository has been placed on local network to ensure its fast access, reliable delivery and overall security purpose. This has enabled the Library System to facilitate its users to use this valuable treasure independent of availability of Internet access.

 4Library Education and Orientation


In order to make the users aware of the resources and impart necessary skills to them for efficient use of print and electronic information resources, the library system offers two courses viz: 1. PGS 501: Library & Information Services (0+1) and 2. PGS 502: Technical Writing & Communication Skills (0+1), in both Spring and Autumn semesters of a year. Moreover, an orientation programme of one week’s duration is conducted every six months to orient the scientists, technical non-teaching staff of the University staff with modern information sources & services, information retrieval software and IT gadgets existing in the system.  Training programmes are also conducted on regular basis to orient the library professionals of the SKUAST-K with advancements registered in the field.

 5Resource Management And Access


All Libraries of SKUAST-K Library System have adopted open rack system supported by a robust OPAC of SOUL Software. The OPAC is capable of meeting several approaches (Author, title, subject, cross cards) so far as the searching of journal, books and theses is concerned. It has got an advance search facility where under the user can conduct search instances of complex nature with the help of Boolean operator. Universal Decimal Scheme (BS 1000M) of British Standard Institution is used for classification of documents. Catalogue of theses from 1982 till date, is available on computer and is being updated regularly.  The Central Library as well as Faculty Libraries remain open from 8 am to 6 pm in the summer and 10:30 am to 4:0 pm in the winter on all working days.  The users of SKUAST-K Library System avail library and information use facility of the University of Kashmir, National Institute of Technology, Sher-e-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences, as we also extend the facility of our library resources on reciprocal basis.

 6Book Bank Scheme


The Book Bank scheme exists in the Faculty Libraries of our University. FOA Wadura and FVSc & AH Shuhama receive some grants from Directorate of Social Welfare, J&K Govt. Srinagar under the Centrally sponsored Book Bank Scheme for SC/ST students. The books acquired under this scheme are issued to SC/ST students for a complete semester, thus feel relieved to a great extent.

 7Photocopying Facility


The Library System has got a reliable photocopying facility of its own in all three main faculty libraries. Separate reprographic sections equipped with heavy duty photocopiers exist to provide reprographic service without any interruption. The reprographic service is provided against nominal charge of Rs. 1 per page.

 8IT Infrastructure


SKUAST-K Library System has got adequate state-of-the-art IT equipment and software. All the professional and technical staff members work on computer systems.  All official activities, ranging from dispatch to rendering of online information services in all constituent libraries of the system are carried out through computerised mode.  The major items in this infrastructure base include 01 Blade Server of IBM make with four blades; 04 Medium End Servers of IBM & HCL brands; 01 Mirror Server of Tulsient make; 70 Desktop Computers; 02 Laptops; 01 Flat Bed Document Scanner; 09 Printers; 02 Barcode Tag Printers; 05 Photocopiers; 01 Digital Camera; 01 Multimedia Projector.  

Slowly & gradually the Library System has developed a reliable stabilized power supply system comprising of one 100 KVA stabilizer and three 10 KVA at FOA Wadura, FVSc. Shuhama. Moreover, sufficient backup facility has been developed comprising of one 05 KVA UPS at CL, five 02 KVA and seven 01 KVA UPSs (at CL, FOA, FVSc, & FOFy).  06 ACs  have been installed in the building to ensure cozy and conducive atmosphere for the users.

 9Online Electronic Resources


SKUAST-K Library System has been strengthened with addition of a quantum of e-Resources. This includes CABI eBooks, J-Gate Agricultural & Biological Sciences, Food Science and Technology Abstracts (FSTA), which are highly valuable and beneficial for scientists and students. The list of resources along with a brief about each is as under:

 9.1 CABI eBooks











The library system is subscribing world’s leading eBook collection in Agriculture & Allied Disciplines i.e. CAB eBooks with perpetual access to 860+ eBooks of 13 years covering the period 2000-2012.  The books likely to be published up to February, 2016 will also be accessible under this subscription.

 Food Science and Technology Abstracts (FSTA)


Another world famous electronic information resources subscribed by SKUAST Library System is FSTA.  FSTA is the world's largest bibliographical specialist database in the fields of: Food Sciences; Food Science Technology; & Nutrition. The database comprises of more than 1.0 million citations from 1969 to present. The database is published by Food and Agricultural Organisation.


Consortium of e-Resources in Agriculture (CeRA) and J-Gate Agricultural and Biological Sciences (J-Gate A&B)


CeRA used to provide access to +3000 journals relevant to Agriculture and allied disciplines and J-Gate Agricultural and Biological Sciences to around 1800 journals in the field of Agro-Biological Sciences. Both of these journal portals were actually products of M/s. Informatics India Pvt. Ltd. As a recent development these two have been merged and now access to journals of 6 streams of information is provided to scientists and students of SKUAST-Kashmir. Now CeRA in combination with J-Gate A&B is a largest electronic gateway to global e-journal literature available at (http://jgateplus.com/). This J-Gate + combination provides seamless access to millions of journal articles available online offered by 11,428 Publishers. It presently has a massive database of journal literature, indexed from 36,987 e-journals with links to full text at publisher sites.


 10Remote Acceess to E-Resources



 The eResources available with the Library System are not only accessible in the main campus but scientists and students are able to access them remotely on anytime anywhere basis. This has been made possible through subscription of EZproxy Software of OCLC. This software has enabled scientists and students to use all its eResources (Subscribed as well as Open) on anytime/anywhere basis on one platform providing single stop access.

Inter Campii Library Network

The Library System is planning to establish an Inter Campii Library Network (ICLN). An attempt to setup a platform to allow the scientists and students to use e-resource base of the SKUAST-K Library System and make available state-of-the-art library facilities & information service, irrespective of any binding on place or time. This will also provide us an opportunity to make mutual official correspondence through online mode. The initiative has been taken with the following additions made to ICT equipment of four major campii libraries as first step to meet the infrastructure requirements for the purpose.

Particulars of the Item


Approx. Cost

1.      Blade Server of IBM Brand


Rs. 20.50 Lacs

2.      System X Server of IBM Brand


Rs. 07.50 Lacs

3.   Desktop Computer of Del/HP Brand


Rs. 15.50 Lacs

3.      UPS Systems of APC Brand


Rs. 02.70 Lacs

4.      Disk Management System (DC 300 CD Library II)

05 Nos.

Rs. 00.80 Lacs

5.      FUNDU E-Book Reader

02 Nos.

Rs. 00.30 Lacs


 12 National Information System in Agricultural Education and Network


The SKUAST-K Library System also gives support to ICAR/IASRI in updation of the statistics of the Resource Personnel, Human Resource Development, Laboratory-cum-Technical Resources, Technological Developments, Infra Structure, Research and other Academic Pursuits existing in this University. Such statistics is being maintained through NISAGENET (National Information System in Agricultural Education and Network). Information about almost all facets of Academics and Research undertaken in the University’s Main Campus, Three Faculties and Seven Research Stations has been uploaded to the Central Server at IASRI New Delhi. The database is regularly updated.


Future Plans

Things keep on changing every now and then and there is always scope for improvement to meet the challenges. This ever changing phenomena necessitates planned development of Libraries to face the challenges in hand and ahead. A system can only survive, improve and grow by keeping a pace with this change and plan for future. As such targets planned to be achieved in future are:

  • Establishment of Inter Campii Library Network (ICLN) with an aim to interconnect Five main faculty libraries in phase first i.e. FOA Wadura, TSRI Mirgund, FVSc Shuhama & FOFy Rangil for fast, secure, and reliable communication/exchange of information;
  • Exploring economical and reliable resource sharing avenues;
  • Arrangement of electronic (offline/online) resources of information of high impact on consortia basis;
  • Establishment of state-of-art networks at three faculty libraries viz: FOA Wadura, FVSc Shuhama & FOFy Rangil
  • Upgrading the Computer Labs and associated accessories and appliances at all unit libraries.
  • Providing training to staff in the use of existing and newly incorporated software and hardware.
  • Establishing audio video information resource centre;
  • Establishment of a virtual class room cum conference hall with video conferencing facility.

  Keeping above target areas in mind, the significant activities to be taken into hand are:

  • Providing network access to Library holdings covering books, journals and other material on anytime anywhere basis;
  • Provision of uptodate information about resources and transactions thereof through dynamic Web OPAC;
  • Establishment of SKUAST-K Institutional Repository with facility for online submission and posting of content and provision of access to same on anytime anywhere basis;
  • Providing e-alert services through e-mail and instant messaging over mobile through Internet messaging services and Internet telephony for Current Awareness Services and Selective Dissemination of Information;
  • Setting up a Library web server and web site to provide single stop access to all offline/online e-Resources of information without any dependence on cloud;
  • Digitizing and providing network access to research publication of SKUAST (K) including faculty publications, theses and dissertations.









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