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Krishi Vigyan Kendras

Role of KVKs:

Krishi Vigyan Kendras are actively involved in the process of technology dissemination to the farmers’ field through Front Line Demonstration and various technical programmes. These activities are increasing every year by involving more farmers under the KVK programmes. Out of ten KVKs, two KVKs are new, sanctioned very recently by ICAR, New Delhi for the districts Anantnag and Shopian.

Technologies disseminated during 2012-13:

·         Demonstration of soil sampling

.·         Soil testing before fertilizer use in different crops.

·         Treatments of various seeds of food crops.

·         Protected paddy nursery propagation.

·         Integrated Plant Nutrient Systems for sustainable crop production.

·         Production of Truthfully Labelled Seed of paddy, maize, vegetables etc.

·         Low cost poly house technique for propagation of quality seedlings of vegetables, fruits and commercial flowers.

·         Raising Cut-flowers in Poly-houses.

·         Raising quality planting material for apple, cherry, almond, walnut, pear, peach etc.

·         Popularisation of different crops through RCTs (Raised bed planting).

·         Hot bed preparation for early nursery raising. 

·         Introduction and establishment of HDP (High Density Plantation) orchards in pome & stone fruits. ·         Pollination of fruit plants through various technologies like Top working, Bouquet Placement, Diversification of pollinizers, use of honey bees etc. 

·         Training & Pruning of fruit trees for quality production.

·         Foliar Spray of nutrients like boron, calcium for improving the fruit-set, quality and shelf life of the fruit.

·         Integrated insect & disease management for quality production of crops.

·         Establishment of bee colonies for pollination and honey production.

·         Production of mushroom and establishment of small scale enterprises.

·         Low cost rearing hut for poor sericulture farmers.

·         Propagation of mulberry under low cost poly-houses.

·         Drudgery reduction in women.

·         Cutting and tailoring for unemployed rural girls.

·         Weaning of food for infant and mother.

·         Dehydration of vegetables and fruits for value addition.

·         Post-harvest management and value addition of fruits and vegetables.

·         Backyard poultry production.

·         Disease Management of Poultry.

·         Sanitation, deworming & vaccination of Livestock.

·         Prevention and control of foot and mouth disease in domestic animals.

·         Feasibility of Bio-gas technology in temperate climate of J&K.

·         Introduction of cold water fisheries.

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