Best Teacher Award at University LevelView
Regularization of daily rated worker who ha completed 7 years service- Creation of post thereof under SRO-64 of 1994View
University Entrance Test -2019View
University Order No. 22 (Acad) of 2019, Faculty of Agriculture - RegardingView
University Order No. 412 (Est.) 2019 Committees for Smooth conducting of NRDMS Summer School -regardingView
Constitution of Board of Studies in the FoAView
University Order No. 23 (Acad) of 2019, Faculty of Fisheries - RegardingView
University Order No:400 (Est.) of 2019 regarding Incharge Head, Division of Host Plant Production, College of Temperate Sericulture, MirgundView
University order no 397(est) of 2019, Incharge Academic Section Registrar Office regarding.View
Nomination of Member on the Board of ManagementView